One of the most overlooked professions but one that can actually pay quite well is running your own janitorial business. A janitor position is often thought of in a bad light, but if you know how to break into it you could become quite successful. Now you might think trying to get consistent work is a problem, or that most businesses would just leave janitorial work to their own employees. Depending on which businesses you’re marketing to, they may consider hiring an independent contractor or janitorial company to save money. But you can also reach out to residential clients to do work and do so in more ways than one.
The Janitorial Startup Phase

There’s really no prerequisite for getting a janitorial business going, but it is wise to have some previous experience, so clients have a favorable impression of you. As the Small Business Chronicle says in this article, the initial costs are relatively low to start a janitorial company, but there still are bumps in the road to watch out for. You should be ready to pay fees for insurance and janitor bonds to make sure you or any other employees you have are protected against accidents or damage claims.
Marketing Your Janitor Business

The old-fashioned way of marketing a janitor business was usually through calling around, putting up flyers, newspaper ads or word of mouth. But there are many other places you can get listed with the emergence of social media and online marketplaces. One of the keys is to pay attention to the economy and figure out which clients if any are hiring currently and make adjustments accordingly as¬†Entrepreneur¬†magazine states. Plus, you need to have a specific niche in terms of the kind of service you can do so you don’t lose money bidding for jobs.
Getting Your Cleaning Supplies

Once you have a steady structure of what you want to do with your janitorial business, it’s then time to invest in janitorial equipment Cincinnati OH. While regular household cleaning supplies can work well, but you should probably consider buying professional grade cleaning supplies. There are companies out there who sell those supplies specifically for janitorial clients, but you need to determine how heavy duty your jobs will be. Will you be doing more basic sanitizing jobs such as bathroom cleaning, or will you be taking on industrial floor waxing and carpet cleaning? You may save some money if any clients you service have extra supplies in janitor closets.

In conclusion, getting the janitorial supplies and starting the groundwork isn’t that hard. But once you start your own business you do need to make sure you have all your legal issues covered and be ready to submit reports and tax documents when necessary. Basically, you shouldn’t plan on going into the janitorial business unless you are technologically adept and can use computer filing systems, or if you can hire an accountant or tax professional to manage your accounts.